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moje ulububione miejsce na swiecie po angielsku

My favourite place is Italy. It`s a very beautiful country and it has numerous of advantages. I like amazing landscapes the most. If I could live in this country I would like to tour all of the interesting places. The most marvellous, are those which shows us romantic stories of Italy such as Romeo and Juliet. I would visit every place where the story began and also the ruins of Rome. I could even live there because I like an Italian cuisine so much and I want to taste the delicacies of the north-western Italy. My dream is to live in Sicily because this is the largest island in the Mediterranean. I love beach, so I could spend there all days. Fresh air and amazing landscapes are wonderful, so living there can even improve health. Despite one disadvantage that there is a big crowded at the time of arrival of tourists, it`s still place that I like the most. Another advantage is that I would never get bored, because there are many entertainments and also things which would secure a lot of fun. I hope that if I couldn`t move there, I`ll go for long holidays. It would be really good to wake up in the morning and see that beautiful view through the window. In the place like that I could relax, admire the landscapes and listen to the sound of nature. It would make me feel fully comfortable and even solving problems would be easier in my favourite place.
I would not like to live in a big build-up city. Despite that there is close to the centre and shops in places like this I can see more disadvantages than advantages. There is no nature, polluted air and everything is on the rush and there is chaos everywhere. I cannot imagine living in such a place. I would not like that in my view from the window were blocks and other buildings. In the future when I will come back from work I want to relax, admire the landscapes, walk and listen the sound of nature, but in the city I can hear only sound of rushing cars and I`m sure that it would not help to relax. Because of no nature and pollutions I would feel tired and a lack of space, make me feel upset. This is place in which I would feel uncomfortable.

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Nazwa Kod Rezultat
Odstęp \ a następnie spacja
Nowa linia \\
Potęga x^{2}
Ułamek \frac{x}{y}
Pierwiastek \sqrt{x}
Pierwiastek n-tego stopnia \sqrt[n]{x}
Iloczyn wektorowy \times
Iloczyn skalarny \cdot
Układ 2 równań \left \{ {{y=2} \atop {x=2}} \right
Układ n równań (każde w nowej linii) \begin{cases} ax+b=0\\cx+d=0\\ex+f=0 \end{cases}
Indeks dolny x_{123}
Indeks górny x^{123}
Znaki specjalne \backslash \ \% \ \# \ \$ \ \& \ \^ \ \~
Kwantyfikator "istnieje" \exists
Kwantyfikator "dla każdego" \forall
Suma zbiorów \cup
Iloczyn zbiorów \cap
Mniejsze lub równe \leq
Większe lub równe \geq
Nierówność \neq
Około \approx
Najczęściej używane symbole:
Pi \pi
Nieskończoność \infty
Alfa \alpha
Beta \beta
Gamma \gamma
Wyrażenia zaawansowane:
Całka nieoznaczona \int{x}\, dx
Całka oznaczona \int\limits^a_b {x} \, dx
Limes \lim_{n \to \infty} a_n
Suma szeregu \sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{n}
Macierz \left[\begin{array}{ccc}1&2&3\\4&5&6\\7&8&9\end{array}\right]